EU round-up from Strasbourg

EU round-up from Strasbourg
By Damon Embling

New defence fund, Rutte lays out EU vision, drone rules approved

Here's our round-up from the European Parliament's latest plenary session in Strasbourg. 

Defence fund

Amid threats from Russia and uncertainty around America, the EU's laid out its new 13-billion euro defence fund.

It's a big part of the bloc's aim to guarantee its own security.

Financing will only be available to EU members - not Brexit Britain or America.

Future of Europe

It's been the turn of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to lay out his vision for the future of Europe.

He presented a "less is more" motto, in response to those turning away from Burssels - saying the EU needs to underpromise and overperform, if it's to be truly united.

New drone rules

MEPs have approved new rules for flying drones in the EU - to harmonise their regulation.

The proposals include a maximum height rule, new registrations and restricting flights near the likes of embassies and nuclear sites.

Drones could make up 10 percent of the aviation market in a decade's time.

Maltese journalist murder

MEPs are forcing the case of murdered investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia back in the spotlight.

They apppealed to the Commission to present anti-SLAPP legislation, to prevent intimidation of whistleblowers through judiciary processes.

Commissioner Vera Jerouva is travelling to Malta on Thursday, as the investigation into Daphne's death continues.

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