EU keeps watch on Iran protests

EU keeps watch on Iran protests
By Euronews
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Continuing anti-government demonstrations turn spotlight on Tehran


Iran’s anti-government protests are being watched beyond its borders.

The EU’s urging all involved to avoid violence, and for freedom of expression to be guaranteed. This, as the US presses for emergency sessions at the UN in New York and Geneva – a proposal that’s already been rejected by Russia.

“Among the 21 people killed by police since the start of the protests, most of them are the sons of workers or unemployed. They’re just asking for bread, freedom and a roof over their heads,” said Reza Moini, from Reporters without Borders.

The protests, which appear to be spontaneous and without an overall leader, kicked off a week ago. It is difficult to know their exact spread and depth.

“The similarity between these protests and those of the Iranian revolutions in 1979, after 39 years, is the scale of the protests – which have been seen all over the country,” added Moini.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who’s visited Tehran, has said human rights have always been a core issue in the EU’s relationship with Iran. She added that Brussels will continue to monitor the unfolding events.

“As a member of the Belgian and European Green Party, I say the independence of Iran is very important for me,” Anvar Mir Sattari told Euronews in Brussels.

“It is they, the Iranian people, who’ve decided to make their own progress without any intervention from Europe or from other countries. The European political parties have helped us morally, but we don’t expect any physical intervention.”

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