Brexit: Making good Britain's divorce deal

Brexit: Making good Britain's divorce deal
By Euronews

European Parliament pushes for Brexit breakthrough deal to become legally binding

Making good the divorce deal – and fast. As EU parliament members met in Strasbourg, moves were being made towards getting last week’s Brexit breakthrough agreement legally binding.

It paves the way for a second round of talks, on future trade and a two-year transition period when the UK says ‘au revoir’ in 2019.

“A kind of transitional period will be linked to the progress on the second phase, if we have progress we can talk about the transitional period. If not, there will be no transitional period,” said Manfred Weber, German MEP from the European People’s Party.

EU leaders are due to bless the next talks at a summit this week, after terms were struck on key issues, including citizens rights.

“There is a few loose ends especially on citizens rights, which we intend to be tied up in the final agreement,” Belgian Green MEP Philippe Lamberts told Euronews.

The Brexit breakthrough last week couldn’t come soon enough for British Prime Minister Theresa May. It’s not only crucial for her own future, but also helps to allay fears of a disorderly departure from the EU.

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