Hungarian 'radical right' party leader on promoting "ethnic pride"

Hungarian 'radical right' party leader on promoting "ethnic pride"
By Euronews
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His motto: the defense of the "white race".

Balázs László is the co-founder of the Hungarian new identitarian party “Force & Determination”. His motto: the defence of the “white race”. The party describes itself as ‘radical right’ but is referred to as ‘far’ or ‘extreme’ right by others. He develops his arguments in an interview with Euronews reporter Valérie Gauriat

Balázs László: “My biggest concern is about statistics. The European population is about 450-500 million. Some estimations say that about 30, according to other estimations, even 60-70 million Middle Eastern muslims are already living here in Europe, the number of the Eastern-European Gypsy community is about 10-12 million, not to mention the number of the African immigrants.

“We can say that in 10 years, one billion people can depart from Africa. Our fertility rate is at a very minimum level, so there is about one child for two Hungarian parents.

“Our population is in continuous decline, while the ones who are coming here, or who are already living here with us, are growing continuously. It wouldn’t be an issue, but we see the No Go-zones… In Hungary there are 1600-1700 Roma settlements, where the violence is raging. I am travelling through the country, so I see, what is happening… There are dreadful situations.

“The most important would be to restore the society’s immune system. People’s minds have been transformed in the sectors I talked about before. People don’t care about their own people anymore, they think, everyone should be accepted. They don’t have the healthy life instinct anymore that their own people should survive. And we want to draw attention to this so that the people should direct their political thinking towards this issue, which is one of our main problems.

“There is an attack not just towards the European people’s community, but also everything, which is our essence, what is the foundation of the Western civilisation. They want to destroy everything. In 1918 the monarchies were destroyed. From the 60’s the churches were being harassed, then after 1968, after Paris our culture was attacked from the inside.

“We are at the point, where someone can question his or her own gender. So natural things are being questioned, which can lead to total chaos. Every culture with high moral standards in the world were destroyed this way, these were the last signs of the decline. And if we don’t see this, then we can say that the white people will disappear.

“If we had the power and we could have a say, on which way Hungary should proceed, it is obvious that we would intervene into the media, education and the culture, and we would weed out those ideas, which influence the European man to disown his own race.”

Valérie Gauriat: “Some people as you know describe your party as a neo-Nazi party. Does it bother you?”

Balázs László: “They are looking for nazis everywhere in the awakening, self-conscious, patriotic movements. About 70-80 years have passed since World War Two. We don’t care about what liberals call us. We want to communicate our messages, if they are stigmatising us, we thank that very much, if a liberal is scolding me, that makes me proud, because it means I am doing something, which is taking the society into the right direction. We don’t care about it, we are not Nazis or neo-Nazis, the Second World War ended in 1945. It is 2017 now, we have to define ourselves in this age.”

Valérie Gauriat: “One more thing I’ve read, I don’t know if it’s true, you said that you need to make racism “modern and fashionable”. Is that what you said?”

Balázs László: “What is racism? It is far from the sense in which the liberals use this word. We don’t hate anyone. But if anyone says that we are racists, while we are only promoting ethnic pride, then the attitude is wrong, because we don’t hate anyone. But if someone means that we do everything for our own people, and we say that we are Europeans, we are Hungarians, we are white people, and we want to defend the European community and the European race, then we are proud of it. If anyone is labeling us, then it is his problem.”

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