The Brief from Brussels

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By Euronews
The Brief from Brussels

Boris blasts “Red” Jeremy

With just hours to go before Britons vote in their general election the tone of the campaign is getting rougher.

After the campaign was suspended following Saturday’s terrorist attack in London and with the Thursday vote looming the candidates returned to battle. The Conservatives, once far in the lead, have lost momentum and have redoubled their attacks on the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Enter Conservative Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, never one to shy from a wicked jibe or cutting comment.

EU struggles to kick bad habits

Fatal drug overdoses continue to climb in Europe, and the EU’s drugs agency in its latest annual report also expresses its concern at the rise in use of new psychoactive substances that escape existing laws and countermeasures.

Towards a European Defence policy

Today sees the European Commission publish its ideas on the future of European defence. which is expected to include a fledgling European Defence Fund. It is designed to aid research and development in military technology and equipment.