Yemen: the forgotten war

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By Euronews
Yemen: the forgotten war

More than 6,000 people have died in Yemen, half of them civilians. Millions have been displaced and 83 percent of the population is in urgent need of aid – be it food, water, fuel or sanitation. However, the world is turning a blind eye to a war which has been raging for over a year.

Our reporter Mohammed Shaikhibrahim went to Yemen where he met both warring parties: the government backed by an Arab coalition and the Houthis – a rebel group also supported by army defectors. There he documented the vast destruction of the country and talked to civilians caught in the crossfire.

To further investigate Yemen’s ‘forgotten’ war, we interviewed Pieter Wezeman, a Senior Researcher with the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute SIPRI specialised in arms sales and military expenditure.

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