EU to make online shopping easier with ban on geo-blocking

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By Euronews
EU to make online shopping easier with ban on geo-blocking

The European Commission has unveiled proposals which would make it easier for customers in the EU to buy online from other member countries.

The process of geo-blocking which restricts access to internet shoppers from another country or redirects them to a local version of the website, often more expensive, will be banned. Online retailers will be required to sell goods to customers throughout the EU, although the customer might have to arrange their own delivery.

The plans will also require on-demand video providers like Netflix, iTunes and Amazon to make at least 20 percent of their available content European.

“This is an indirect form of promotion of the European films. And we think that 20% is a reasonable figure. That means that up to 80% can be non-European products, American and Asian products.” said Günther Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Digital Economy.

Critics say this move is protectionist.

The plans to shift the EU towards a single digital market must now be approved by member states and the European parliament.