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Studying elsewhere in Europe

Studying elsewhere in Europe
By Euronews
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In this edition of U-talk, Csilla from Hungary asked:

“This summer my niece will graduate from secondary school and she’s hoping to go to university in France in September. Can a French university refuse her application? Does she need to pay for her studies?”

Responding is Malgorzata Kurowska, the Senior Communication Officer from Europe Direct:

“Being an EU citizen you have the right to study at university in any EU country under the same conditions as its nationals, so in your case you can choose to study in France. Entry conditions may vary between countries and universities.

“Regardless of the other entry conditions, you may not be refused access to the university on grounds of your nationality although the university may ask you to take a language test. However, such rules should be applied in a proportionate manner and should also take into consideration individual circumstances, for instance, if you have already worked or studied in a country using that language.

“You should know that EU law doesn’t exempt you from tuition fees. However it states that you should be treated equally to nationals of the country where you wish to study. For instance if French students need to pay tuition fees, you will have to do so as well. But you can’t be required to pay higher course fees than French citizens.

“This treatment however does not extend to maintenance, support or loans. Some countries may nevertheless provide these to foreign students, but this is up to the country itself. You could also be eligible to assistance from your own country of origin. This is however a decision of the relevant authorities in your own country.”

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