Saving nature: what's Europe's strategy?

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Saving nature: what's Europe's strategy?
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Copyright euronews
By Denis Loctier
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Saving nature: what's Europe's strategy? Euronews explains.

Global biodiversity is being destroyed at a rate unprecedented in human history. According to the latest research, wildlife populations have declined by 68% since 1970.

One million species are at risk of extinction by the end of this century. 

All ocean ecosystems, from shallow waters to the deep sea, are impacted by overfishing, pollution, coastal development and climate change.

However, scientific modelling shows that the loss of nature could still be reversed with a range of ambitious measures, including bolder conservation efforts. 

The European Commission wants to ensure that by 2050 all of the world’s ecosystems are restored, resilient, and adequately protected. 

One initiative is designating 30% of the European sea as marine protected areas. 

Other measures include reducing the pressure from fisheries and other sea-based activities, tackling pollution and mitigating climate change.

By 2021, the Commission will propose a new action plan to conserve the resources of fisheries and protect marine ecosystems, with the aim of benefiting both the long-term prosperity of fishermen and the health of our oceans, and thereby our planet.

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