I tried a high tech Korean facial to suck the evil out of my skin

I tried a high tech Korean facial to suck the evil out of my skin
By Rachel Graham
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In the fight against blackheads, the Bijoux Medi-Spa in Belgravia, London, is providing the perfect weapon.


I don’t know if you ever press the tip of your nose up in an attempt to squeeze all the blackhead worms out of your pores, but I do.

Despite a pretty rigorous exfoliation regime, I just cannot seem to get rid of them. It’s pretty odd, because aside from my nose, there is barely a spot of oil produced on my face. Mostly, it’s just dry, occasionally flaky. Sucks up any moisturiser I put on it like a venus flytrap.

So, with everything from Korean barbecue restaurants to K-pop taking off in the West, I wondered whether a Korean beauty treatment could rid me of this affliction. So, off I went in search of a skincare miracle from the East.

What I found was the Aquasure H2 treatment at the Bijoux Medi-Spa in London’s Belgravia. Billed as an innovative complexion treatment, it combines hydration, cleansing, pore reduction and exfoliation alongside fancy additions of galvanic lifting and vitamin C infusion. It also aims to increase the levels of hydration, nutrients, hydrogen and oxygen the skin can absorb.

The Bijoux Medi-Spa

To start, your skin is doused in hydrogen-infused water providing some much-needed hydration, before being hoovered off with a suction nozzle.

I am not going to lie to you. If you’re after a relaxing spa experience, this isn’t the treatment for you. This is more of a lunchtime pick-me-up for your skin and your senses.

The good news is that I defy any dead skin cells, dirt or excess oils lurking on your face to escape the wrath of the suction nozzle. Having the pen slowly across my face for around half an hour got the blood rushing to my cheeks in a way I haven’t known since 2004 – I was 10, it was Valentine’s Day, I thanked my childhood crush for a card it turned out my mum had sent me.

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Anyway. My amazing beauty therapist had a word with me about my problem areas, and focused the suction on those spaces to even out my complexion. That was followed by a sheet mask, to soothe, smooth and improve skin tone and moisture levels.

For the galvanic lifting aspect, you get to hold a metal rod, while mild electronic currents of positive and negative ions pulsate through your body in a bid to stimulate the skin’s rejuvenation process. Your therapist will pass another metal rod over the top of your sheet mask to get circulation pumping again and give the appearance of youthfulness.

Euronews / Rosie Frost
Before & after. Please excuse my ratty ends and extreme discomfort in front of a cameraEuronews / Rosie Frost

In the aftermath, I could barely take my hands off my newly softer than a baby’s bum, squeaky clean, honey smooth face. Unfortunately, my pawing at it was most likely just replacing the dirt and grime we’d gone to such lengths to remove.

This uber satisfying treatment left me pumped and plumped up with slight redness and beestung lips that subsided within a few hours. What lasted much longer though was the feeling of being so thoroughly cleansed, I couldn’t squeeze a single worm out of my face for weeks to come.

Find the Bijoux Medi-Spa at 149 Ebury St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9QN

The Aquasure H2 treatment is available from £85.

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