Street Style: London Fashion Week Looks

Details in Christopher, Anna, and Jessica's outfits.
Details in Christopher, Anna, and Jessica's outfits.   -   Copyright  Helene Jeunet/Euronews
By Rosie Frost

London Fashion Week started with a bang, or perhaps a bath is more accurate, today when Extinction Rebellion created a red carpet of blood outside the opening event. Earlier this year they called for Fashion Week to be cancelled to help bring about an end to the incredible amount of waste caused by the consumption of clothing.

Thanks to their campaigning and London Fashion Week's own Positive Fashion initiative, sustainability is the topic on everyone's lips. We decided to take to the streets, check out some of the best outfits and ask people about their own experiences with buying less.

Take a look at our favourite ensembles and responses below.



Helene Jeunet/Euronews
Christophers shorts are custom vintage Levi, and much of the rest of his outfit is from Korean fashion brands.Helene Jeunet/Euronews

Christopher likes vintage fashion because it offers an opportunity to wear something unique, with pre-loved items you know no one will be wearing the same thing. He loves to browse charity shops.

Helene Jeunet/Euronews

His shorts are customised vintage Levi's, he has a sewing machine at home and likes to make things unique with his own talents.

Helene Jeunet/Euronews

Christopher also likes to style other people. The small details in his outfit really make the look something special.



Helene Jeunet/Euronews

Anna told us that she thinks fashion is always a circle, that trends are inspired by what has come before. She shops a lot on Brick Lane as she works in the area for a large fashion brand.



Helene Jeunet/Euronews
Rodrigue's entire outfit is vintage, proving you can look fantastic without buying new.Helene Jeunet/Euronews

Rodrigue thinks many people buy for the sake of buying not because they need something.

Helene Jeunet/Euronews

He told us that he thinks that designers often invite people to buy more.

Helene Jeunet/Euronews



Helene Jeunet/Euronews

Hannah says she often struggles to find pieces she likes whilst vintage shopping but she does try to buy fewer items that are of higher quality.

She has been trying to build a capsule wardrobe of items that doesn't follow trends after she sold many of her clothes on Depop before moving to Australia.

We asked her what she thought of Extinction Rebellion calling for London Fashion Week to be cancelled and she told us that she doesn't feel its the right audience. She likes the idea of calling for action but it is fast fashion brands that need to be the target.



Helene Jeunet/Euronews

Yasmine is a fashion blogger who loves to buy secondhand pieces. She is conscious of her consumption and is trying to consume less.

Helene Jeunet/Euronews

When Yasmine does buy new, she tends to fall in love with things and knows that they will stay in her wardrobe for a long time.

Helene Jeunet/Euronews



Helene Jeunet/Euronews

Natalie works in sales and is interesting in purchasing a dress secondhand for her upcoming wedding. It can be a large cost, so buying a pre-loved dress is both good for the environment and good for your bank account.



Helene Jeunet/Euronews

Jessica is a fashion designer whose passion is sustainable luxury. Recently her brand, Hardware London, teamed up with Carnaby London and Project Zero to create eco friendly, fashion forward accessories for Glastonbury festival.

Helene Jeunet/Euronews

These reusable water bottles were handed out to celebrities at the festival to try and encourage them to ditch single use, plastic bottles.