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This insect influencer is saving the bees

This insect influencer is saving the bees
Copyright  @bee_nfluencer
By Rosie Frost

We aren’t pollen your leg, even bees can be Instagram influencers now. Introducing @bee_nfluencer, an insect on a mission to highlight declining bee numbers. This bee-hind flaunting CGI honey-bee has already got 102,000 followers and growing. Each post is an absolute hive of activity with followers commenting more bee related puns than we’ve ever seen in one place. But how does a bee use a phone without thumbs?

The humans behind this incredible account are Fondation de France (FDF), a leading philanthropic network who want to ensure the future of not just France but the whole world by saving the bees. They have created BEE FUND, a charity aimed at funding actions that will help to save the declining bee population. The foundation states that more than 30% of bee populations in France disappear each year; these bees are essential to pollinating all kinds of different plants including food crops.

Having a bee influencer is a genius move. It made us giggle, but more importantly it helps to raise money for BEE FUND. Popular accounts can make around £800 per 10,000 followers for sponsored posts. The more people that follow, the more money can be raised to improve bee habitats, campaign to ban harmful substances, and help transition to more bee friendly agriculture. Their innovative approach to fundraising has definitely caused a buzz around our office!