Insta-spiration: best summer beauty trends

Insta-spiration: best summer beauty trends
By Euronews
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It’s time to try out one of the summer’s hottest trends spotted on Instagram.


Whether you have woken up to a beautiful clear blue sky or you’re about to jet off to a sunnier shore, it’s time to try out one of the summer’s hottest trends.

Tangerine Lips

Coral has always been a staple in our summer beauty wardrobe, but this year we’re going to become overwhelmingly obsessed with orange.

The fixation began back in September 18’ at the Fyodor Golan SS19 show, where makeup artist Jenny Coombs, coloured the models’ lips in a bold tangerine tone.

Since then every MUA worth their weight in gold has been experimenting with this satsuma like shade.

And lips aren’t the only feature to receive the tango treatment. As eyes and cheeks are in on the action too. With monochromatic makeup being a huge trend, it means that you can apply the same product everywhere from your lash line to your cupids bow.

This is excellent news for the planet says The Soil Association, "Choosing multi-use beauty is an excellent way to support sustainability, as it reduces the amount of waste and energy used to produce more products."

Yes, to wearing orange all over then.

Vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand MAKE have created the boldest shade out there. MAKE Lipstick in Tangerine, £20

This multi-use balm has a sheer finish that makes wearing orange seem like a doddle. Ilia Multi-stick in I put a spell on you, £32

Too scared to go full on satsuma? Ease yourself in with Axiology’s vegan lipstick, which has a peachier, almost pinky tone. Axiology Rich Cream Lipstick in Noble, £28

Shimmered skin

With 70’s styling being a huge fashion trend for summer, it wasn’t really a surprise when the effect filtered to our faces.

Understandably ‘Disco eyes’ aren’t for everyone and while they’re fun for a night out or to wear to a festival, by day we’re after something a little more grown up.

And boy oh boy have we got it.

Shimmering lids that transcend to our cheeks are everywhere at the moment. And trust us, once you’ve tried this sophisticated sparkle, you’ll be wearing it at every opportunity.

Plus, it’s also ticking off the box of using multi-saving beauty, as you can use one product on both your lids and cheeks.

Pair this look with naturally glowing skin, balmy lips, lots of mascara on your lashes and you’re on to a winner.

An organic and plastic-free product that can be worn on your eyelids, cheeks or the bridge of your nose. Lush Linnet Glow Stick, £11.95

A delicate glisten that is 100% natural and gives skin an ethereal glow. Tata Harper Very Highlighting, £37

From the packaging to the product we’re not sure we could love a palette more. Pur Sparkle and Shine Bright Travel Highlighter Palette and Fan Brush, £20


Sunset eyes

Ok, so we know we sound like a broken record, but this is yet another, multitasking, planet-saving trend.

Why? Well, simply take the first two looks, mix them together (maybe add in a little bronzer or brown eyeshadow that you have hanging around) and you’ve got yourself summer’s third biggest, and also our favourite trend.

Just like a sunset from a honeymoon snap, when beautifully blended together these natural hues create a romantic and impactful appearance.

And the best bit? Everyone can wear them! Whether your eyes are green, blue or brown, the colours create a beautiful contrast that will make your peepers pop.

These sheer tones are a great way to wear the trend by day. RMS Signature Set in Mod, £40


Housing the perfect mix of organically sourced shades, use this palette for a night time look. Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Eye Shadow, £41.45

Wear this mineral eye shadow on its own or blend with a highlighter for extra shimmer. Pur Eye Polish in Copper, £17

The Natural Arch

Bushy brushed up brows are the best reason to save money on threading and wax appointments this summer.

Perfect Instagram brows have been over for a while and working with what you’ve got is seriously in.

Whether you’re born with full brows or have finer hairs, it’s time to put the tweezers down and pick up another tool or two.


3 tips to getting fuller brows

  • Nourish your hairs

Scared of growth serums? Try a natural oil or balm instead and apply one each morning to help support the follicles and encourage hairs to grow.

  • Find the right product

Feeling utterly clueless over what’s best for you? It’s worth popping into a store like Benefit or BBB London who specialise in brows. Their consultants will be able to advise what product is best for styling your arches and any treatments that could improve your shape.

  • Eat a healthy diet

Ensuring that you have the right amount of nutrients in your diet will help almost every beauty issue. For full and healthy hair growth you want to be giving your body enough Vitamin B, omega-3s, iron, protein, and zinc and always make sure you are drinking enough water. Plus, some people find taking a Vitamin B supplement like Biotin can help with hair growth.

Burts Bees have extended their talents to makeup, and this new eyebrow pencil is excellent at giving your arches a naturally defined shape. Burts Bees Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde, £9.99

This tinted gel uses natural ingredients to keeps brows in check, while caring for them at the same time. Jane Iredale Purebrow Gel, £16


Words: Lydia House

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