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Happy woman dancing
Happy woman dancing
By Maeve Campbell
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Leafy green reads from around the web this week, this time focusing on sustainable fashion and travel.


It’s the third week in June already, is summer nearly over already? We were just getting used to it! To celebrate that summer feeling, we’ve done some research and compiled 4 articles from the past week on the theme of sustainability. Here at Living, we like to read up on the topic from as many sources as we can find, to gain insight into different perspectives and improve our understanding of all things green.

This week, three of the articles centre around sustainable fashion and what it means in the industry nowadays. How useful is ‘physical fashion’ anymore, is it just wasteful? Digital fashion may just be the future of retail. Likewise, what are the most sustainable fabrics on the market and how exactly are they made? Our third recommendation focuses on the practice of eco travelling and how you can make sure your holiday is caring for the planet, with a set of nifty tips that are easy to adopt.

Digital fashion: ‘The world doesn’t need more physical clothing’

Online fashion

Did you know? Designers are starting to make clothes that don’t actually exist in real life – simply in a virtual world. This fascinating read tells you all you need to know about virtual clothing and whether it is the future of fashion.

Source: Fashion United

What is Tencel? The sustainable fabric everyone is talking about

Back of a dress, sustainable fashion

The new fabric taking the sustainable fashion industry by storm. What exactly is it made of and where can you buy clothes that incorporate it into their designs?

Source: Living, Euronews

How to be a more sustainable traveller

Woman travelling in Portugal

A comprehensive guide from Harpers Bazaar on how to be a conscious traveller, including tips on finding eco-friendly accommodation, where to buy green sun cream and how to live like a local when abroad.

Source: Harpers Bazaar

Does ‘Sustainable Fashion’ Really Mean Anything?

Woman browsing in clothes shop

'Sustainable fashion' is certainly a buzzword (or couple of words) at the moment, so what's behind the smokescreen? Nowadays, many brands are accused of greenwashing their marketing - this article helps sort fact from fiction!

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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