The 12 greenest UK clothing brands to have on your radar

Woman in a jumpsuit, sunflower field
Woman in a jumpsuit, sunflower field
By Maeve Campbell
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The UK has just announced it will be carbon neutral by 2050, so we've compiled all the best in British sustainable fashion to celebrate the news.


Following the news today that the UK is set to become carbon neutral by 2050, we're feeling inspired. The announcement will be an amendment to the Climate Change Act and makes Britain the first major economy to legislate an end date for its contribution to global warming. 

To celebrate, we've come up with a definitive list of all the best sustainable fashion brands Britain has to offer, so you can do your bit to live more sustainably too:

1. Antiform

Antiform is a British brand from Bristol, producing women’s clothes and accessories in a progressive, sustainable fashion. Describing themselves as a ‘community fashion lab’, the Antiform team use recycled materials to create classic pieces with fashion-forward craftsmanship. Patchwork, tassels and woven silk make up these unique items, using 100% reclaimed materials.

2. Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is a beautiful label based in East London, producing high-end sustainable womenswear. In terms of style, they strike the balance between casual and luxury. The result – effortless fashion. Their ‘no frills’ approach means that sustainability is at the helm of the brand, as they use factories, suppliers and farms that care both for the environment and the people involved.

Their London studio is plastic bottle free and they use eco energy suppliers too. You’re bound to fall in love with the clothing, just have a look and you’ll see.

3. Ilk and Ernie

Ilk & Ernie
Selection of outfitsIlk & Ernie

Brighton-based fashion line Ilk and Ernie are a female-led brand who celebrate sisterhood and ethics. They are transparent about where and how they source their clothes, and support their workers fairly. But crucially, Ilk and Ernie produce vibrant prints with bold patterns – encouraging you to take a risk with your wardrobe. We love these looks!

4. People Tree

People Tree is a very established brand in the British fashion industry, leading the way in the ethical movement. They work with fair trade producers from across the globe, selling conscious clothing that is always sustainably sourced.

People Tree clothes come in both classic, minimal varieties and brighter, moore colourful prints – there’s something for everybody! We love the detailing on the dresses, jumpsuits and underwear.

5. Kitty Ferreira

Kitty Ferreira makes slightly more upmarket sustainable clothing, having won awards for its UK based business. Pieces are elegant and well-tailored and ‘sexy’, coming in sizes 6-26. The brand is a proud advocate of slow fashion, sourcing upcycled materials exclusively in the UK and is challenging the prevailing culture of throwaway, landfill fashion.

6. Thought

This ethical clothing label is based in North London and considers the planet in every step of their manufacturing process. Thought make their glorious garments out of sustainable materials like hemp, Tencel, modal, baboo and cotton. Clothes are long-lasting, comfortable and beautifully designed.


It seems London is the hub on sustainable fashion in the UK, because COSSAC is yet another brand based there, and we’re very impressed. The COSSAC team are proud promoters of the ‘capsule wardrobe’, which is a minimalistic concept all about buying clothes that last.

They produce using organic materials such as Tencel and modal and are GOTS-certified when it comes to their factories in Turkey and Portugal. Best of all, the pieces are chic, boxy and flattering – we can’t way to try them out.

8. Madia and Matilda

Madia and Matilda are based in the leafy Cotswolds, specialising in upcycled and sustainable fabrics that explore “all elements of crafts and design to create their unique styles.” Madia and Matilda oppose the ideals of over-consumption and waste, crafting their own sustainable techniques to prolong the life-cycle of every garment. Their styles are fresh and stand-out – without a high price tag!

9. Rêve en Vert

Despite their French name, Rêve en Vert (dreaming in green) is a British brand championing the greener side of fashion. Clothing is high quality sustainable luxury and they don’t sacrifice style for ethics. Designers are committed to the ideals of minimal waste and use natural materials in the making.

Their silky slip dresses are some of our favourites – perfect for dressing up or down with a tshirt underneath. We interviewed the founder, Cora Hilts, to find out more!

10. Nancy Dee

Nancy Dee produces versatile fashion, ideal for any occasion. The dresses and suits are perfect for work wear and suit a business woman who cares profoundly about the planet. All clothes are made from renewable, natural sources such as bamboo and organic cotton, as well as Modal – a fibre made from beech wood. Patterns at Nancy Dee produce minimal fabric wastage due to limited quantities, and sustainability is at the heart of everything they practise.

11. Bibico

The lovely Bibico is located in the South of England, in Bath. Bibico create simple, minimalistic clothes and accessories to fair trade standards and using natural, organic materials. Think linen and essential denim pieces. The company take a ‘back-to-basics’ approach to fashion and produce quality garments that are both timeless and adaptable.

Every item of clothing is made by an individually-known producer, so you can rest assured that what you are wearing has been ethically sourced and manufactured from the outset.


12. Eileen Fisher

We couldn’t talk about sustainable fashion without mentioning the world renowned Eileen Fisher. She won the Positive Change Award this year at the annual CFDAs and is looked up to in the industry for her pledge to use only organic cotton and linen by 2020.

At the recent awards ceremony, Fisher appealed to the audience with the inspiring words, “rethink, reimagine and reinvent this amazing industry.” Eileen Fisher operates in the USA and in the UK, producing extraordinary fashion that pushes boundaries.

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