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Don’t worry about buying a new jumper for the next 30 years

Don’t worry about buying a new jumper for the next 30 years
Copyright  Tom Cridland
By Maeve Campbell

One British designer has come up with a truly sustainable solution to fashion - clothes that have a 30-year life cycle. An expert in menswear, Tom Cridland, sells a variety of unisex clothing and can count Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Craig, Hugh Grant and Robbie Williams as customers.

Tom Cridland’s brand forgoes glamorous marketing, reflecting the simplicity of his products. On offer, you will find plain sweatshirts, t shirts and even jackets in primary colours, all of which come with a thirty-year guarantee.

What does the 30-year guarantee mean?

Essentially, what it means is that if anything happens to your sweatshirt/tshirt, you can send it back to be mended and it will be returned to you good as new. For the next thirty years. Both the cost of repair and the postage are on them too. So, one purchase will last you a very, very long time, making it the antithesis to fast fashion.

Tom Cridland originally started his fashion label with a £6,000 loan, and it has since turned into a £3 million business, with customers loving the concept of longevity. Not only is the quality top-notch, made of 100% Italian cotton, Cridland’s ethical, consumer-centric approach saves you money in the long term. He told GQ,

“We wanted to guarantee some key products for a lengthy period of time to encourage people to hang onto their garments for longer.”

What are the best pieces of clothing to invest in?

On offer at Tom Cridland, you can choose from the following staples (and they all come with a 30-year guarantee):

30 Year Sweatshirt, in a variety of colours, £69

Tom Cridland
Green Goblin 30 Year SweatshirtTom Cridland

30 Year Jacket, £199

Tom Cridland
Camel 30 Year JacketTom Cridland

30 Year T Shirt, in a variety of colours, £29

Tom Cridland
Dove White 30 Year T-ShirtTom Cridland

We think it’s one of the best ways you can spend your money sustainably, rather than contributing to the endless stream of fast fashion and buying new clothes on a monthly/yearly basis. Thanks Tom Cridland!