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Top 10 European Sustainable Fashion and Beauty Brands

Top 10 Sustainable Fashion and Beauty brands
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion and Beauty brands
By Maeve Campbell
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We round up the best in eco-friendly clothing and cosmetics in Europe


Fast fashion is so last year, and it’s causing irreparable harm to the environment in the process. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe and your make up bag with these sustainable brands which actually care about the state of our planet and are striving to improve it. Whether it’s a cosmetics company that is transparent about using all vegan ingredients or a clothing label which traces all their manufacturing back to the source, sustainability is a new way forward and we are not looking back.

Here are ten of the newest, coolest brands on the market, championing a greener fashion & beauty industry:


Handmade in the UK, the beautiful garments at Birdsong are sourced sustainably and crafted ethically. Birdsong was founded in 2014 by Sarah Neville, deemed one of Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs, and produces sustainable dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and bags in a range of colours and styles. Their community spirit is admirable and we love what they do.

Earth to earth organics

Earth to earth organics’ specialises in natural skin care for all kinds of skin types. They don’t use any artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives in any of their products are completely palm oil free. Founders Danny and Tenesia Pascal, a husband and wife team, moved to England from Guyana in 2004 and developed the brand to deal with the change in climate and how it affected their skin. This is an original, organic brand worth checking out.

Marlow London

Marlow is a British accessories brand inciting meaningful conversations around sustainability by cutting leather using a unique laser technique in London. Browse their digitally printed scarves and leather goods, handmade from Italian vegetable tanned leather. No two bags are the same…


Not quite a beauty brand in itself, but the best way to find the most ethical products on the market. CosmEthics is a free app that helps consumers find out if their beauty picks are sustainably made/sourced by reading the barcode on the product. It was founded by Finnish entrepreneur Katariina Rantanen, who believes in purpose-driven business that puts mission and social purpose first. "The mission of CosmEthics is to promote cosmetic ingredient awareness, and help consumers make safe and suitable product choices.”

Armed Angels

This Austrian fashion brand is opposing the culture of fast-fashion with their organically made clothing, made from recycled materials with renewable resources. For them, assuming responsibility and protecting the environment is not an option but an obligation. The clothes are beautiful – we highly recommend checking them out!

Elliott footwear

Recently launched Danish label Elliott footwear is a brand with a climate agenda, ‘taking sustainability to the next level’. They claim to be reinventing the footwear industry with uncompromising, upcycled, vegan, 100% cruelty-free shoes you will love. Soon to be sold worldwide but for now, can be bought on their crowdfunding page Indiegogo. Make sure you get in there first as these will sell out asap!

Marine Serre, France

For something slightly more upmarket… French designer Marine Serre is crafting a sustainability-focused soft power movement, demanding that the industry is more conscious of its environmental impact. She was the first French designer to be awarded the LVMH Prize and believes we should move away from conveyor belts of cheap, low-quality clothing and instead buy from sustainable brands who are transparent about sourcing and manufacturing. She told Vice that throughout her career, she’s asked herself one simple but powerful question: “Why does the world need another fashion brand?”

Époque Évolution

Époque Évolution has gained attention in the media for its classic piece, ‘The White Shirt’, made from sustainable materials. More specifically, it is cut from organic cotton woven in Portugal and treated with a special Oeko-Tex certified finish that reduces wrinkling by 60%. This is a chic brand committed to traceability, fair wages and responsibly made garments. It all started in Morocco… Check out their site for more info and how to buy.


Axiology sells 100% Evil-free lipstick and invites you to join their evil-free beauty cult. Summed up, founder Ericka Rodriguez says, “Makeup shouldn’t just be safe for the people who wear it. It should also be safe for animals, the planet and the people who make it.” These vegan lipsticks are available all over Europe and come in a beautiful range of colours. If you have questions about the ingredients, there is even someone on hand dedicated to answering all your questions.


Komodo is a UK based sustainable fashion brand who produce high quality, easy fitting wardrobe essentials you can wear again and again. The team have been creating eco-fashion for 30 years and are privileged to be able to provide comfortable and stylish garments that are ethically responsible and sourced from the highest quality natural fibres. The clothes themselves are affordable and effortlessly cool - go on, treat yourself.

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