#GoodReads | Whale intelligence, garbage island and a 12-year-old’s view on climate change

Child in the The New Forest National Park, UK
Child in the The New Forest National Park, UK
By Maeve Campbell
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All the most inspiring content on sustainability issues from around the web last week.


Our #GoodReads this week come from a range of sources from around t'internet. From an architectural project in Oslo promoting sustainable living, to a feature on the wonders of whale intelligence, there is lots to grab your attention this week. This time round, our favourite article comes from Buzzfeed and is all about a 12-year-old child's perspective on the climate crisis. Entitled, 'I'm 12, And I Don't Understand Why Adults Vote To Destroy The Planet', it's a powerful read that will make you think differently about the state of our planet - guaranteed.

Here are our 5 picks of the week:

Could you give up flying? Meet the no-plane pioneers

Emine Saner examines the ins and outs of the no-flying movement. A growing number of travellers are abandoning air travel altogether, in order to save the planet. Even if that means spending two whole weeks on a train. Could you do it?

Source: The Guardian

‘Reinventing Cities’ sustainability competition announces winners

Steel bridge

Oslo’s revolutionary new architectural competition is set to transform urban centres from around the world. All these architectural projects are championing sustainability in new and innovative ways you will never have thought of before. 

Source: Wallpaper.com

Whale intelligence continues to amaze and dumbfound scientists

Whale emerging from the water.

The Independent’s famous long-reads section looks at whale intelligence in this fascinating article. We may be a long way from understanding just how clever whales and dolphins really are, but you can start by reading this piece. Trust us, it’s mind-blowing stuff.

Source: The Independent

Opinion: I'm 12, And I Don't Understand Why Adults Vote To Destroy The Planet

Little girl wonders round a field

Ever wondered what the kids think about climate change? Buzzfeed’s most recent article is written by Clem, a 12-year old Australian, who is part of a global movement of school students striking over the critical issue. Clem will inspire you and probably change your whole perspective on the climate crisis overall.  

Source: Buzzfeed

How The Country Once Nicknamed ‘Garbage Island’ Cut Waste By 30%

Taiwan street

As the world drowns in trash, Taiwan’s recycling success is a model of change and a beacon of hope for us all! Take a read and discover the secret that is ‘Garbage Island’.

Source: Huffington Post

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