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How Jennifer Lopez is out to save our world's oceans

Jennifer Lopez in Niyama Sol activewear
Jennifer Lopez in Niyama Sol activewear Copyright JENNIFER LOPEZ X NIYAMA SOL
By Maeve Campbell
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The american singer-actress is venturing into the world of sustainability with a new collection that will keep our oceans clean.


Jennifer Lopez has toured the world numerous times, starred in hit films, won multiple entertainment awards and secured No. 1 albums. Now, she is saving the oceans - is there anything this superwoman can't do?

JLO might just be the new face of sustainable fashion. Using her platform to inspire ethical change in the world of active wear, the American singer, with a networth of $400 million, is branching out to create her own eco sportswear line. Lopez has joined forces with sustainable clothing brand, Niyama Sol to make the dream a reality. Just this week on Instagram, she posted a photo of herself wearing her own leggings, sports bra and beanie that she designed for the brand.

Niyama Sol

Her collaboration partner, Niyama Sol, is an ethical beach brand designed by ‘Sisters with Sol’, producing garments made solely from recycled bottles. The growing label is known for making sustainable activewear such as the ‘Bare Waterfall Sports Bra’ and ‘Mist Beanie’, but the team also produce beachy dresses, swimsuits and even ocean-themed jewellery.

Plastic bottles strewn along the beach

JLO’s new line of leggings and sports bras is called JENNIFER LOPEZ X NIYAMA SOL and is available to be shipped worldwide on Niyama Sol’s website for prices ranging from 50 to 80 euros.

Here she is pictured in her ‘Shagreen Lagoon legging,’ with the caption:

"Feelin’ wavy ? in these @niyamasol leggings that are made from recycled plastic, and are a reminder to keep our oceans clean, by practicing the first Niyama called Saucha ♻️ "

Has JLO been involved in sustainability projects before?

Lopez is not currently known for her contribution to the world of sustainability, but she is certainly an icon when it comes to fashion. In fact, she is expected to receive the 2019 CFDA Fashion Icon Award this year in June. The Council of Fashion Designers of America will present her with the award for her global impact on fashion on 3rd June. The official CFDA press release read:

"From the infamous Versace dress, to her music videos that are cemented into pop culture world history, and to her myriad of iconic red-carpet moments, Lopez's style has always been a standout. Lopez also pioneered the business model of turning her beauty and style into that of a brand. Through her fashion, beauty and fragrance lines, the Jennifer Lopez brand has to date grossed over a billion dollars."

To date, JLO has not made the headlines for much charted involvement in ethical initiatives, but it seems this is about to change with her new sustainable gym-wear launch.

How does she look so good at 49?

Jennifer Lopez is widely regarded as one of the fittest, most beautiful women in the world; at nearly 50 this year (July 24th to be exact) – she has the body of a 30-year-old. The singer’s secret is said to be down to her unprocessed, vegetarian diet, only eating fresh organic produce. Her personal trainer Tracy Anderson told People magazine, “It’s all organic and it’s all very well thought out, with the balance of very high quality proteins and a lot of nutrient-dense food.”

JLO herself told Hello! Magazine, "What you eat doesn't just affect your body; it can also affect the way your skin looks."

Her supposed routine involves starting the day with a protein shake and decaf coffee, before eating a veggie-heavy salad for lunch with fresh salmon. For her evening meal, Lopez will mix various grains, such as quinoa, with a lean protein. So JLO is clearly an advocate for eating sustainably sourced food, and if she’s any role model to aim towards, we’ll be eating exactly that from now on!

Words: Maeve Campbell

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