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The best fresh produce delivery boxes in European cities

The best fresh produce delivery boxes in European cities
By Euronews

In an ideal world, we would all eat locally produced, sustainable and organic fresh produce for every meal. However, it's a big ask when you live in the city. Dozens of supermarkets are right on your doorstep providing easily available, plastic-packaged vegetables at low prices. This kind of service is certainly convenient, but it’s not eco-friendly. So what if you could get fruit and veg delivered directly to your door and the quality was better too? Thankfully, there is a solution. All over Europe, local farms are starting to deliver a selection of organic fruit and vegetables to people’s houses, in order to cut down on food waste, single-use plastic, pesticides and carbon emissions from overseas products.

Here are six European brands offering a personalised delivery service of all your favourite fruit and veg – directly to your door, every single week.

Abel & Cole - £14.50 a week

London, England

Abel & Cole
Abel & ColeAbel & Cole

Abel & Cole prides itself on delivering seasonal, sustainable and organic produce to your doorstep. You’re guaranteed to find a box that meets your demands, whether you'd prefer a large vegetable box for all the family, a selective box that enables you to whip up meals quickly, or a basic selection of juicy produce to help you kick-start your day with a superfood smoothie. You can choose to recieve the essentials or tailor the contents if you’re feeling particularly creative. The eight organic vegetables in the ‘Super Speedy Veg Box’ change on a weekly basis and so do Abel & Cole’s innovative recipe suggestions. On this week’s menu: stir fries, pastas and salads.

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Le Campanier - 14.00€ a week

Paris & Ile de France, France

This family run business prioritises the French concept of terroir (the natural environment in which a food source is grown) in order to produce pesticide and chemical free products that are bursting with flavour and nutrition. With this notion in mind, these well loved vegetables and fruits are picked seasonally and respect the environment they are sourced from. The selection of ‘Grand legumes’, packaged in a brown paper bag will provide you with 3-4 kg of fresh produce, far superior to the vacuum-packed veggies found in the heart of cities.

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Cortilia - 24.90€ a week

Milan, Italy

Research has proved that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world as it is generally high in vegetables, fruits and legumes. Cortilia provides a service that delivers these sun blessed, healthy fruit and vegetables to your home every week so you don’t have to grow your own. The ‘Frutta e verdura’ box will provide 2-3 people with an abundance of fruit and veggie goodness that is perfectly in season and has been produced sustainably. Italians are known to embrace simple recipes, using the highest quality raw ingredients.

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Aarstiderne - 204 kr a week

Copenhagen, Denmark

The ‘Den Grønne FrugtKasse box’ from Aarstiderne will supply you with a generous 5kg of organic fruit and vegetables and will add a rainbow spectrum of colour to your cooking. The chefs at Aarrstiderne also create seasonal and vegetarian recipes. Their forward-thinking ideas eliminate food waste and will encourage you to be more precise when considering food quantities.

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Isarland Ökokiste - 15.00€ a week

Munich, Germany

The delights within ‘Regionales Gemüse/Obst’ (regional fruits, vegetables and herbs) arrive fresh at your door in environmentally conscious packaging - having been entirely organically produced. This selection box is enough for two people and offers a balanced range of ingredients to make your food burst with nutrients. Isarland Ökokiste’s website has a seasonal calendar so you can plan your meals sustainably, by choosing ingredients that are growing at the time of year Mother Nature planned for them. By supporting this concept we are able to reduce the demand of overseas farm produce in hotter climes.

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Green Earth Organics - 21.25€ a week

Dublin, Ireland

Families will love the ‘Irish Veg [plastic free]’ box as you can tuck into dinner with a guilt-free conscience, knowing that your locally sourced food has been produced using renewable energy and harvested rainwater from the West of Ireland. Even the paper bags your food is delivered in are re-used by Green Earth Organics and if packaging is used, it’s biodegradable. Hats off to Green Earth Organics for not compromising quality over sustainability.

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Words: Lucy Wagstaffe