Home design is going green

Home design is going green
By Doloresz Katanich  with AP

Green theme indoors and outdoors, eco-friendly modular homes, upcycled gardens and almost zero plastic - these are the latest trends at the Ideal Home Show at London's Kensington Olympia exhibition centre.

Spanning 205 square metres, an eco-friendly prefabricated modular building called "The Evolving House" seems to be one of the biggest innovations at the show. It is made of using steel frame modular systems, something that was hard to imagine 10 years ago.

"I think the whole world is changing and it's changing dramatically in America and China, where people are now using sea containers, they're adapting them, empty containers and they make cheap affordable housing. What we've done is gone a step further and we're now creating luxury developments," says the house's architect, David Richards. According to him, modular homes can range from € 117,000 up to over € 1 167,000.

The Ideal Home Show is one of the world's longest running exhibitions, having been founded in 1908. It is running for 17 days from 22 March - 17 April, hosting over 600 exhibitors.

Click on the video above and learn more about the latest eco-friendly designs.