Food sharing app and intelligent carbon footprint trackers

Food sharing app and  intelligent carbon footprint trackers
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These eco friendly apps and books you should be downloading and reading now.


These eco-friendly apps and books you should be downloading and reading now.

A food sharing app

In the UK, it’s reported that we waste around £13bn a year on food - with over 70% of this occurring in the home. Olio is here to change that. Via the app’s community, people post information and pictures of food they no longer need or want so that others in the local area can put it to good use. Though launched in 2015, this Android and Apple app has skyrocketed in the last few months as it spreads across the world. It now has almost 900,000 users and the count is growing. Aside from its obvious eco-friendly benefits, it also gets you more involved with your local community, too.

Available on Android and iOS | Download it here

There Is No Planet B

Evidence of the threat facing our planet thanks to human behaviour is obvious to everyone but a few naysayers. From melting polar ice caps to polluted oceans and more extreme weather, the earth is crying out for us to show it a little more compassion. This little book from Louise Bradford offers simple, easily applicable advice that everyone can implement in their lives.

Less than 200 words long, it’s written in easily digestible form, making a great one to reference whenever you need. Covering everything from home, travel and food to water conservation, recycling and shopping, it will give you food for thought on how we can all better protect our home from further harm. After all, as Louise points out - there is no Planet B.

Save The World: There Is No Planet B, £6.99

The carbon footprint trackers

We all know theoretically that we should be reducing our carbon footprint but the reality of implementing this in daily life has often eluded us. The Oroeco app is here to tackle this, allowing users to automatically track their personal carbon footprint across travel, shopping, home and food. You’ll be offered suggestions on how to reduce it further as well as an incentive system - so you can earn rewards on future purchases whilst saving the planet at the same time.

Not dissimilar to Oroeco, JouleBug offers users points for their eco-friendly efforts, such as taking a reusable mug to the coffee shop, using a linen bag for groceries or opting to take public transport rather than jumping in the car. By linking it up to your bank accounts, it will show you how much money you’re saving along the way, too. The point system makes it feel like a game and you get to connect with others in the local area also joining in. It will make you think twice before reaching for that plastic water bottle and will heighten your awareness that it’s often the small changes that can make the biggest difference.

Oroeco and JouleBug are available on Android and iOS.

Self-sufficient homes and the art of stylish sustainable home decor

Off the Grid: Houses for Escape by Dominic Bradbury is a coffee table book with a twist. This beautiful hardback shows off the most remote, self-sufficient homes in the world with stunning photography. Thanks to the advancement of technology and communications, more and more people are choosing to build homes in remote areas. Armed with a camera, interior design expert and architect Dominic Bradbury set out on a mission to discover them and just how they actually worked as self-sufficient models. Though you might be inlined to up sticks and move to Outer Mongolia just yet, you will learn more about the design of homes that both respect and reflect the nature around them.

Got it into your head that going green and keeping eco means forgoing style and luxury? Then think again. Selina Lake is here to teach us all about the art of stylish sustainability and how to go plastic free and as natural as possible in Natural Living Style: Inspirational Ideas for a Beautiful and Sustainable Home. This book is full of useful tips and tricks on everything from growing your own produce to incorporating more upcycled and natural materials into your decor. It will encourage you to look more objectively at what you already have and find ways to repurpose it, helping alleviate that compulsive consumer mindset.

Off the Grid: Houses for Escape by Dominic Bradbury, £20.96 | Amazon | Buy it here

Natural Living Style: Inspirational Ideas for a Beautiful and Sustainable Home by Selina Lake, £12.10 | Amazon | Buy it here

Writer: Bianca Barratt

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