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A sound bathing app, a house of youth and new sleep-boosting ice-cream.

A sound bathing app, a house of youth and new sleep-boosting ice-cream.
By Euronews
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The wellness-related trends, products and tech that caught our eye this month.


The wellness-related trends, products and tech that caught our eye this month.

Relaxing Tones on Tap

A new app promises all the incredible benefits of sound bathing, no live gonging required. Launched in February 2019, Third Ear immerses users in a sphere of sounds for a meditative experience that improves focus, stimulates creativity and triggers relaxation. The app’s meditation genie chooses your ideal session based on mood, time available and a preference for instrumental noises, spoken word or both.

We like its Sound Cave feature, a library of soul-soothing tones where you can create playlists of your favourites – think mash-ups of chanting, gongs,Tibetan singing bowls and ocean drumming.

The House of Youth

Imagine a home that prolongs your life just by living in it. Japanese architect Shusaku Arakawa and his wife American poet Madeline Gins have made this fantasy a reality with their Bioscleave house. According to Designboom, the experimental dwelling in New York aims to slow down the effects of ageing with a design that improves inhabitants’ wellbeing.

The house is a cacophony of confusing colours, with windows at unconventional heights to challenge depth perception and bumpy floors throughout that need poles to navigate. Arakawa and Gins claim that losing one’s balance and using the body in surprising ways to maintain equilibrium stimulates the immune system and delays ageing. Sounds a little dubious, but worth a try for eternal youth we say. It’s on the market now for $1,495,000.

Sleep-Boosting Ice Cream

Why count sheep when you can scoff ice cream instead? Launched at the end of February, Nightfood is a gluten-free, low-sugar ice cream packed with ingredients that assure a good night’s rest.

Recipes have been devised by sleep and nutrition experts, and contain a mineral blend of magnesium, calcium and zinc – all which are proven to improve your nightly slumber. Plus, there are no nasties that might keep you awake such as caffeine or synthetic sweeteners. Sweet-toothed insomniacs rejoice!

Goop Arrives on Netflix

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website Goop always unearths the most obscure or intriguing health fad – from reishi mushroom pills to the infamous jade eggs. Now the Oscar-winning actress turned wellness guru is set to enlighten us via our Netflix screens in a docuseries slated for release later this year, according to Variety. In it, Gwynnie will host 30-minute episodes alongside Goop’s chief content officer Elise Loehnen, discussing mental, physical and sexual health with therapists, doctors and researchers.

The In Goop Health wellness summit will also be making the leap across the pond, coming to London for the first time in June 2019. The event will feature panel talks, fitness classes and sessions on alternative medicines.

Must Read: Eat to Beat Disease

Food is undoubtedly the best medicine. A new book by highly respected medical doctor William Li will outline the latest evidence on how we can prevent and fight disease purely through what we eat. Launching in March, Eat to Beat Disease explores how the body’s defence system can ward off cancer, heart problems, strokes, diabetes and obesity by incorporating certain ingredients into our diet.

Surprising findings include why drinking hot cocoa boosts stem cells crucial for the body's regeneration, how cheese and wine maintain healthy gut bacteria and why drinking coffee lowers the risk of dying. A fascinating read.

Writer: Kate Johnson

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