Saving old books and preserving nature by art

Saving old books and preserving nature by art

By Doloresz Katanich

Old unwanted books have a chance to get a second life in Cecilia Levy's workshop. The Swedish artist has created her own type of art, the result of experimenting with paper throughout many years. She has been selected to showcase her art at the Homo Faber exhibition in Venice in September.

Living it visited her workshop as well as a historic paper mill in the countryside, where some of her pieces of art are on display.

Marine Lemonnier-Brennan

Cecilia Levy, however, is not the only artist in the Swedish countryside who became well-known for her unique craft. Carina Sohl looks to preserve the fingerprint of nature on leather items, some of which have been created for limited edition dresses, phone cases and interior design elements, as her handcraft has been discovered by luxury fashion brands.

She will also present her unique craft at the Homo Faber exhibition.

Click on the video above to see how art can breath life into old books, and preserve the natural world on leather.

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