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The atlas of natural beauty by Buly

The atlas of natural beauty by Buly
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A two-century old cosmetics officine gives away a few well-kept beauty secrets.


“Natural beauty”, that’s the philosophy of Buly Officine Universelle, a two-century old beauty dispensary which rose from the dead in 2014 after a hundred years of sleep. Relaunched by power couple Victoire de Taillac and Ramdane Touhami, Buly has already regained its world-renown. With top-notch design stores in Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul and soon Milan, the officine passes on and pushes forward the heritage of beauty, inspired by the excellence of the past whilst offering the very best of the present. In its Atlas of Natural Beauty published by Penguin, Buly reveals beauty secrets and rites from around the world. Living it uncovers a few mysteries that had been left unsaid.

Beauty secrets using nature’s finest ingredients

“Hair is hair and skin in skin — here we can treat all colors of skins and all types of hair”, states Bérénice Clerc behind the marble counter of Buly Officine Universelle. In a navy blue gown worn by all employees, this modern-day apothecary knows all about nature’s finest ingredients and their benefits. With passion, she tells Living It about the oils and formulas you’ll need this summer to protect your skin and be the best version of yourself when September comes.

The go-to product at Buly is definitely oil. With over fifty kinds of different “demeter” oils, you’ll find the perfect remedy to almost any skin condition. These biodynamic macerations (mixed with jojoba oil in live clay pots) are made of savage flowers and plants rippened in the mountains. They’re kept alive during the whole process so the skin takes it in as a living element that creates an amazing sebum. Have no fear of shiny skin: these are dry oils that you can apply day and night. If you’re looking for a natural sunscreen, go for the colorless and odorless raspberry oil, the equivalent of SPF 20/30 which is very efficient against free radicals.

Sun, sea and palm tree oil

After sun exposure, pop open your bottle of Buriti oil. This palm tree oil activates your melanin and makes your tan last longer. It’s also a key ingredient to protect your hair from the sun and the sea. But if there’s one oil you definitely need this summer, it’s the plantain formula. This emergency go-to oil can be used on all members of the family for all sorts of things this season : mosquito bites (to stop itching if you have forgotten to apply some lemongrass oil to avoid getting bit in the first place), if you have a minor cut a drop of oil helps the healing process. Apply some on your hair for protection and repair.

For a daily use and an anti-age effect, the rose and jasmin enfleurages (a process that uses odorless fats - jojoba oil- that are solid at room temperature to capture the fragrant compounds exuded by plants) will definitely do the trick. For the rest of your body, daisy oil is miraculous : it firms your breasts, but also your thighs and belly, which is great before and during summer to achieve your own bikini body goals. Add a drop of ivy oil to get rid of cellulite and massage with an iolite stone to activate your blood flow.

An easy natural beauty recipe to detoxify and fight deficiencies

One of the new oils the officine put on its stands is Italian helicryse, harvested in the Corsican moutains. This very precious oil activates your blood flow which is great to avoid heavy legs, dark circles and spider veins. Massage with pink quartz for greater efficiency. Shungite, a stone which is two billion years old, is pretty much the panacea. The world’s oldest beauty ingredient contains gold and fullerene cells, a molecule of carbon that we also have in our bodies. Put 200 grams in a liter of water and let it sit for 3 days. You can use that water to make a face spray or to rinse your hair. It purifies and renews your skin cells and makes your hair shinier.

Transcutaneaous magnesium is one of the most recent formulas Buly chose to commercialise. 99% of the population lacks of Magnesium and often, skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis are due to this deficiency. You can take pills supplements but the dosage is really weak. The best solution is to apply it on your skin, pour the liquid magnesium on your palm and rub it on your stomach and repeat the process on your back too. It detoxifies your organs (kidneys, liver) and enables your body to produce more collagen for your face skin and your hair. It's a miracle product. You can also use it occasionnally if you have a big pimple on your face. Buy a bottle each year and apply it daily for a 2 months cure. It regulates your sleep as well. It’s definitely the best cure during summer to avoid those red bumps you get on the skin due to sun exposure.

Anti-pollution lotions and diatoms powder mask to repair sun-kissed skin

The officine also recently launched two new lotions made of ions (gold, silver, copper, zinc), all the ions and oligoelements we have in our skin, mixed with live chlorophyle. Its purpose is to remove pollution, makeup and all the dirt that remains on our skin and pores. The silver removes all bacteries while the ions will repair and protect your skin so it really isn't abrasive.

If you feel like getting a face mask once in a while, diatoms powder (microorganisms found in the oceans) are brilliant. After a shampoo, use the powder to make a mask and rinse off. It’s also ideal for a smooth and dense skin, great for restructuration after a summer of sun exposure. Then apply one of the new honeys Buly recently released, simply apply and rinse off for a perfect hydration.One last key ingredient and your vanity is packed : hyaluronic acid powder. Add a gram to your oil to boost the repair and anti-wrinkle effect.

An Atlas of Natural Beauty, The first book by l'Officine Universelle Buly, 20 euros.

Writer: Inès Bouchareb

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