Christian Dior is ready to reveal its secrets

Christian Dior is ready to reveal its secrets
By Euronews

The iconic brand wants to preserve its haute couture traditions.

The luxury fashion house Dior has decided to pass on the secrets of its profession by launching creative apprenticeships in order to preserve its savoir-faire and haute couture traditions. As part of this campaign, the House of Dior and Business of Fashion released a video to show how it is training the next generation of craftsmen.

In the atelier, top-level craftsmanship is learnt from highly-experienced supervisors, who themselves learnt their secrets at Dior. The newest members of the team can even participate in making pieces for clients and shows.

If you want to take a sneak peek behind the scenes into the Dior workshop during the final, highly-charged 24 hours before a show, here is another video from Dior and Business of Fashion:

Photo by Frank McKenna

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