The 10 Stylish Men You Should Know 2017: Europe Edition

The 10 Stylish Men You Should Know 2017: Europe Edition
By Euronews
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Discover the ten best dressed men of Europe to follow on instagram.


You may have seen “Most Stylish” articles in the past. Most of them feature the usual suspects and repeat the same ideas. This can become tedious for the men searching for fresh inspiration. With that in mind, I will raise the bar relentlessly high. I aim to cut the crap and provide you with the crème de la crème of stylish men of Europe. To ensure a fair spread and add to the underground nature of this list, I have selected men with under 100k Instagram followers from all over Europe.

Andreas Weinas


Andreas, who is based in Sweden, really needs no introduction. In my opinion, his style is the absolute pinnacle of new-wave classicism. Dressed as sharply as a set of Global Knives, his contributions through both Instagram and websites Manolo and King Magazine have brought new life to the menswear scene and are inspiring men all over the world.

Simon Crompton


Simon’s distinct sartorial lean towards British Tailoring shows brilliantly (even when he wears Italian in my opinion). Simon also has 10 years under his belt operating his own Menswear website Permanent Style. His website contains an in-depth wealth of knowledge for any guy, no matter how far he is along his style journey.

Nicola Radano


Nicola is the founder of Spacca Neapolis Ties , and also has a website dedicated to celebrating Neapolitan style. This ensures his very particular approach to dressing which allows for a demeanour of relaxed masculinity. You’ll see him often wearing bespoke shirts by Vanacore Napoli , and suits by various artisans including one of the greats, Sartoria Ciardi.

Maxim Lundh


Spring vibes!

A post shared by Maxim Lundh (@maximscandinavia) on

Maxim runs a Consulting Agency, and is an Agent for the famous Italian brand TBD Eyewear. This means he is certainly a busy man. However, always dressed beautifully in a way that only the Swedish have really been able to own thus far. Bravo.

Jake Grantham


Jake is a true connoisseur of old-world sartorialism. Having honed his skills at The Armoury in Hong Kong, he is now venturing out on his own with a new store in London: The Anglo-Italian Company. His outfits exude elegance, with a preference for grey and navy suits and a focus on silhouette and nuance in design.

Edwin Nenzell


Partner and Visual Merchandiser in the epic Swedish Men’s Store Rose & Born (known for their gorgeous store displays), Edwin has a very distinct personality in his work, and in the clothing he wears. I have been following him for years, and have always been inspired by the way he integrates tailoring with casual elements. His execution of tie-knots is simply flawless!

Lino Sentiero


Lino is another purveyor of true Neapolitan style, operating his successful Atelier Sartoria Sentiero: A bespoke service which provides beautiful handmade shirts and suits in Naples. Lino has a very fascinating approach to style which I have enjoyed taking inspiration from for a while. His mixture of sportswear, leisurewear and tailoring goes beyond the trends – and somehow his execution remains flawless.


Benedikt Fries


In the streets of Tokyo. #menswear #shibumi

A post shared by Benedikt Fries (@perfettobenedetto) on

Owner of the high-end menswear brand Shibumi , Benedikt has recently moved from Berlin to Florence. He now operates a small store in the heart of the city, and is able to supply a much wider audience with his genre of Italian-inspired tailoring full of printed silk and perfect collar-rolls.

Mikolaj Pawelczak


Based in London, Mikolaj has been running a very successful blog called Blue Loafers. In it, he reviews artisans and brands in a similar way to Permanent Style. I would say Mikolaj tends to delve deeper into the technical side of production of the pieces he reviews compared to other writers, which I always find both fascinating and refreshing. His style reflects a love of Bespoke tailoring and outerwear, and is a great source of inspiration for men interested in the finer details.


Saman Amel


Yet another Scandinavian dude killing it at the moment… Saman operates his own menswear store and Atelier in Sweden, Saman Amel. I love the simple approach he takes to colour palettes and a lack of accessories, all the while blending a slightly unusual mix of tailoring and leisure wear. A great inspiration for men searching for an alternative to the traditional suit and tie.

Steve Calder is a Melbourne-based entrepreneur, tailor and style influencer @stevecalder inspired by the Neapolitan gentleman. With over 10 years in the menswear industry, he has garnered a passion not only for Italian-inspired sartorialism but also for sincerely looking after his clients. He chose to work solely with family owned and run businesses using the best materials.

If like Steve Calder you wish to share your vision of style and sartorial inspirations, connect with Living it on social media and use our hashtag #livingitluxe to be published.

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