The 'hypercar' by Mercedes-Benz, a formula One for the road

The 'hypercar' by Mercedes-Benz, a formula One for the road
By Euronews
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Mercedes presents the AMG's Project One, a so-called 'hypercar' with Formula One-level performance for the road


Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a multi million dollar Formula One-level hypercar, boasting over 1,000 horse power.

The high performance two-seater hybrid produces over 1,000 horsepower and reaches top speeds of beyond 350 kilometres an hour.

Its plug-in drive hybrid system comes directly from Formula One. It uses one turbocharged petrol engine assisted by four electric motors.

#MercedesAMG have finally unveiled the 1000HP #ProjectOne hypercar. It’s the world’s first street legal Formula 1 ? powered car. ? ?

— The Speed Demon ? (@SpeedDemon250) September 11, 2017

“The AMG Project One is not just a homage to the motorsport traditions of Mercedes. Quite the opposite, it is a look at the future of Mercedes AMG. The goal was always the best possible performance, and that it is not reliant on petrol. That is why the future of our performance market is in hybridization and electrification. This show car is showing the way”, says Daimler’s Dieter Zetsche.

Tim Stevens from automotive website ‘Roadshow’ :

“It doesn’t have a much horse power and probably don’t have the same top speed as the Bugatti Chiron, but around a race track Mercedes AMG is saying this could be as fast as a Formula One car, which would make it mind blowing compared to anything else on the road.

“It’s unclear whether or not this will be road legal, I think it might actually be, but Mercedes isn’t saying just yet whether it will be, but top speed of about 250 miles an hour, accelerate to about 125 miles an hour in less than six seconds so it will be outrageous performance on the road, but it’s rolling on street tyres so you never know.”

Anyway, this is the MercedesAMG</a> <a href="">#ProjectOne</a>, (apparently)<br>Legit F1 drive train. For the road ??<br>Thoughts? <a href=""></a></p>— TGE (TGE_LDNM) September 11, 2017

Mercedes AMG is expected to produce around 275 Project Ones, marking AMG’s 50th anniversary.

It’s believed to be priced over two million euros.

But don’t rush to the phone, most of them have already been pre-ordered.

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