In the suitcase of Brigadeiro Choc

In the suitcase of Brigadeiro Choc
By Euronews
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Lifestyle photographer, stylist and professional instagrammer Clarice Chian opens her suitcase to Living it.

She always has a suitcase in her hand and knows how to make the best out of her travels. Lifestyle photographer, stylist and professional instagrammer Clarice Chian aka @brigadeirochoc has more than 100 thousand followers to please. We grabbed 5 minutes of her time between trips to know what are staples in her luggage and where is the best place to shop around the world.


What trips have you done in 2017 and where do you plan to go next?

“I started the year in Sydney with my family, which was nice, as we spent our time there by the Northern Beaches. After that I went to Perth for the first time with my husband, came back and one week later we travelled to Bali with the little ones to meet my sister and brother-in-law, who were visiting from London. The day after I got back from Bali I flew to Sydney for MBFWA, the Australian Fashion Week, and the week after that we went on a road trip to the coast. Funnily, after that hectic first half to the year, we haven’t made any travel plans booked (although most of our travel is booked in the last minute). We might be going back to Perth in August, and would really like to go somewhere warm like Thailand sometime soon”.

What are the three essential items you will put in your suitcase no matter what?

“Glasses or contacts or I’d be blind, charger or I’d be lost without my phone and my inhaler. I can usually buy anything I’ve forgotten if needed. I did leave my chargers behind in their pouch last year when I travelled to Europe, and they were the first thing I bought when I got the chance. Running out of battery on your phone is not an option when you’re an Instagrammer.”

What is your best styling advice to make the best of a small suitcase?

“Make sure to pack neutral separates that can be mixed and matched easily, pack some statement accessories to change up a look; roll, don’t fold, and I find packing cells to be very helpful.”

What is the most photogenic outfit according to you and against which background does it look best?


“I find a hat is great not only for sun protection but also for photos, against any backdrop really.”

Where is the best place in the world to shop?

“I must admit that as much as I love shopping, I don’t actually do much of it when travelling as I prefer exploring cities or relaxing if on an island or by the beach. I save shopping when I’m home, online. Having said that, shopping in Paris, New York and London is always incredible and I love finding unique items in markets, which make great wearable souvenirs. The straw bags I recently bought at the Ubud Markets in Bali are great examples.”

_To read more from Clarice Chian, head to Peut-être magazine, a real gem of a publication she contributes to as Fashion and Lifestyle Writer and Editor, and her website where she shares her work.

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