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Fancy getting paid to watch Christmas films?

Fancy getting paid to watch Christmas films?
Fancy getting paid to watch Christmas films? Copyright Canva - 20th Century Studios / Warner Bros.
Copyright Canva - 20th Century Studios / Warner Bros.
By David Mouriquand
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Being paid to watch 25 Christmas films next month? YES. PLEASE.


The festive season is (nearly) here and a company is offering to pay film lovers to sit at home and watch Christmas movies. There are worse ways of making a buck...

'Tis the season to be jolly, and for cozying up to some Christmas classics.

Unless it’s Love Actually, in which case, we have thoughts.

This year, one company wants to pay you $2,500 (approx. €2,300) to be their ‘Chief of Cheer’, who will have the VERY TEMPTING task of watching 25 Christmas films over 25 days.

Indeed, CableTV is on the hunt for this new job. All you have to do is rank the film using three categories (nostalgia factor, heartwarming storytelling, and overall holiday cheer), and rate the selected streaming service.

Films include everything from Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Die Hard and Home Alone.

If that’s not enough to get you signing up, CableTV is also offering a year's subscription to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Max, Apple TV+ and Hulu.

Don’t get too excited, European readers.

Much to your dismay (and ours, as we here at Euronews Culture were getting our comfiest slippies on and drafting our sick notes for December), you have to be a US resident to apply.

"The only requirement is that you have a deep love for holiday movies, a song in your heart, and the willpower to marathon 25 movies in 25 days," CableTV's website adds.

So, for our American cousins over the age of 18 (another requirement for the delightful task), get applying here. You have until 1 December to do so. And when you do, feel free to shed a tear for us Europeans who’ll just have to do the Christmas marathon for free.

The winner will be contacted via email on 5 December.

Lucky Yuletide sod.

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