Monday Blahs
Monday Blahs Copyright @John-Blumenkamp/ComedyWildlife

The best of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists 2023

By David Mouriquand
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Created in 2015, the annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards contest showcases the best of wildlife photography, while also calling to attention the threats faced by the wildlife around us.


An owl is bored out of his tree. A kangaroo shreds on an air guitar. A young greenfinch gets an almighty bollocking. And two bear buddies are genuinely thrilled to see each other.

No, this isn’t some sort of David Attenborough fever dream. It’s all a part of this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

With thousands of entries from around the world every year, there’s no shortage of delightful images. You can find all of this year’s finalists on the competition’s website

We have singled out ten of our favourites.  


We feel you, buddy. 

Ready-steady-go@Brigitte-Alcalay-Marcon / ComedyWildlife

"Move! I saw him first!"

The Rainforest Dandy
The Rainforest Dandy@Delphine-Casimir / ComedyWildlife

"Good evening, Clarisse... I mean, heeeeey!"

Picture me Pitcure me
Picture me Pitcure me@Dikla-Gabriely/ComedyWildlife

"Mornin', neighbour!"


"Go to your room and don't you dare come out until that place is spotless, d'you hear?"

Air Guitar Roo
Air Guitar Roo@Jason-Moore/ComedyWildlife

Shredding. Positively shredding. 

Monday Blahs
Monday Blahs@John-Blumenkamp/ComedyWildlife

"If I have to hear one more time how frustrating it is for you not to have bagged Taylor Swift tickets, Sharon, I will say goodbye to the branch."

Fake news
Fake news@Matti-Rauvala/ComedyWildlife

"This is doing me a fascinate."



Teddy Buddies
Teddy Buddies@Thomas-Vijayan/ComedyWildlife

There are no words for how cute this is. 

Head over to The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards website for more of this year's2023 Finalists.

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