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Big freeze fails to deter protesters at Davos

Big freeze fails to deter protesters at Davos
By Isabelle Kumar
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Adapt and protest. That is one of the messages emerging from Davos. The snow is not enough to deter the demonstrators who have built, ‘Camp Igloo’ proof, they say the movement is here to stay and that it is growing.

At the core of their protest are claims the World Economic Forum is elitist and undemocratic with a small minority taking decisions which could have global consequences.

“Our protest is a message we’re sending to people around the world but also to other Occupy movements that we have to continue our battle even if the conditions are tough,” said

David Roth, the organiser of Camp Igloo.

The mayor of Davos has authorised the camp in this Switzerland’s playground to the elite. The locals so far have been silent on this new breed of tourists whose ages range from 16 to 70. Some have had quite a trek to make their presence felt like Ursula Frick-Koch.

“I had to sell some personal possessions to buy my train ticket. I got on my bike, then got here by bus, tram, train, bus again and then on foot,” she explained.

The igloos have been built on a car park outside the forums strict security perimeter. The hot topics for discussion by the protesters it would appear have not been enough to melt the snow in Occupy Davos and its believed their presence has yet to cut any ice with the delegates.

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