Macron advocates global cooperation at the Paris Peace Forum's 6th annual summit

Paris Peace Forum
Paris Peace Forum Copyright AP Photo
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French President Emmanuel Macron emphasised the need for inclusive governance and environmental preservation at the Paris Peace Forum.


French President Emmanuel Macron took the stage at the 6th annual Paris Peace Forum on Friday, joining international leaders and policymakers in a collective effort to address global challenges and promote effective governance. The forum, a yearly event, aims to revive and enhance global governance mechanisms while fostering cooperation on pressing issues.

During a panel discussion, Macron outlined the significance of the "Paris Pact for the People of the World" which was designed to prevent nations from having to "choose between fighting against inequality and preserving the planet, its climate and biodiversity".

"Secondly, the path must be chosen sovereignly by each nation. There isn't one model that should be decided for the entire planet from Washington, Brussels, London, or any other northern capital," he added.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, also participating in the summit, conveyed his message through a pre-recorded video. Guterres advocated for a shift "from a world of rivalry to finding common grounds," emphasising the importance of addressing the root causes of conflicts and preventing the emergence of war.

"Seeking common ground means rethinking our approach to peace and security by addressing the root causes of conflict and preventing the seeds of war from sprouting. That is why I have called for reform of the Security Council and put forward ideas for a new agenda for peace based on the UN Charter and international law," Guterres explained.

The call for reform and a collective approach to global issues echoes the forum's overarching mission to create a platform for dialogue and collaboration, where leaders can work together to build a more peaceful and sustainable world. As the discussions unfold at the Paris Peace Forum, the international community faces the challenge of translating words into actions for a better, more harmonious future. 

The final day of the forum is due for tomorrow, 11 November.

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