Rituals, healing or inebriation, nutrition, clothing, fuel or construction material, the millenial history and many uses of cannabis are on display in Croatia's first museum.

With an admission ticket that can be rolled and smoked, Croatia's new cannabis museum offers an experiential guide through the plant's intoxicating history, featuring odes to reggae music and stoner movies.

Just opposite Zagreb's main police station in a country that still outlaws marijuana for recreational use, it is the latest in a string of quirky establishments in the Croatian capital, which include museums dedicated to hangovers, broken relationships, and the 1980s.

"The plant is present in the history of humanity in almost all civilisations and undoubtedly deserves a museum," Tvrtko Kracun, the museum's owner, tells AFP.

At the cannabis museum, visitors are guided through a multi-millennial tour of the plant's past told through videos, posters and exhibits.

Marijuana is legal only for medical use in the Balkan country.

Croatia allows for the purchase of cannabis with up to 0.2 per cent THC content -- the plant's main psychoactive ingredient. The museum offers much popular legal cannabidiol (CBD) products for sale in its lobby, including drinks, oils, and sprays.

That the museum is just a stone's throw from the police station is pure coincidence, says Kracun. Admission is free for employees of the interior, health and agriculture ministries -- that are responsible for regulating cannabis.