Red Bull Content Pool/Red Bull Content Pool via AFP

Olympic champion Kjeld Nuis followed up his Beijing heroics with another incredible feat as the Dutch speed skater shattered his own speed world record by 10 km/h after breaking through the 100 km/h barrier with a 103 km/h mark in Tynset, Norway on Thursday.

For the record attempt, a 3km-long natural ice rink on Norway's Savalen Lake was the venue this time around with a Dakar Rally car also employed with a "wind catcher" behind it to crucially keep him out of the wind.

Nuis set a world record four years ago in Sweden with 93 km/h and, this time, a shield was developed in a wind tunnel behind which Nuis could skate to improve his chances with Dutch speed skating legend Erben Wennemars performing a number of tests with it at a deserted airport.