Two killed in gunfire as protests against Taliban regime held in Afghanistan

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By Euronews
Taliban use gunfire to break Kabul protests.
Taliban use gunfire to break Kabul protests.   -  Copyright  Euronews

Two people were reportedly killed and eight wounded by gunfire on Tuesday during a protest against the Taliban regime in a city in western Afghanistan.

A local doctor told the AFP, on condition of anonymity, the shootings happened in Herat, one of Afghanistan's major cities.

It was one of a number of protests to take place against the new regime, which on Tuesday named its leadership for a new Afghan government, following the Taliban's forceful takeover of the country.

In the capital Kabul, heavy gunfire broke out as the Taliban attempted to crack down on a protest, Euronews' correspondent in Kabul reports.

People ignored Taliban orders to disperse for two hours, our reporter said. Fighters attempted to block roads and drive through the protest.

The Taliban then started firing to disperse the protest and told journalists to stop filming.

The street was quiet after ten minutes of non-stop gunfire.

The Taliban took over Afghanistan's capital city in mid-August after a rapid sweep through the country. It followed US President Joe Biden's announcement in April that the US would withdraw their troops by September.

The group declared on Monday that they had taken over Panjshir Valley, the last province held by resistance fighters.

Ahmad Massoud, who has been leading resistance fighters there, called for a "national uprising" against the Taliban. In Kabul, women had recently protested in support of their rights.

When the Taliban previously ruled in Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, women were not allowed to work or go to school and could only leave home with a male companion.

Many Western countries have said they are communicating with the Taliban despite not recognising their government. Merkel has said that Germany must engage with them to continue evacuations.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, meanwhile, said the US was working with the Taliban to facilitate flights from Kabul, AP reported.