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Russia displays its maritime might as the country celebrates Navy Day

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By Thomas Blade
Russia displays its maritime might as the country celebrates Navy Day
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Russian warships filled the Neva River in St Petersburg as the country celebrated Navy day.

The tradition to celebrate the Navy on the last Sunday of July dates back to the Soviet era, having been established in 1939.

It was abolished in 1980 but then reinstated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2003.

The parade was held without spectators due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ships' crews saluted their long time leader who gave a glowing review about the fleets capabilities.

Speaking after the parade, Putin said "Russia has taken a worthy place among the leading naval powers within the shortest time possible, developing from a modest small boat of Peter the Great to powerful ocean-going naval ships and nuclear-powered underwater missile-carrying cruisers."

"Today, the Russian Navy has everything it needs to guarantee the protection of our home country and our national interests. We are capable of detecting any surface, underwater, and aerial enemy and deliver an inevitable strike, if necessary."

The parade featured 54 ships of all classes ranging from missile cruisers to strategic nuclear submarines

Ships of the Indian, Pakistani, and Iranian navies also took part in the display.