Worrying pilgrimage in Senegal due to COVID-19

Tens of thousands of Muslims have gathered in the holy city of Touba, Senegal for an annual pilgrimage.

Some are concerned that the event, which draws worshipers from across the country and abroad, could contribute to the spread COVID-19.

In past years, up to 3 million people have travelled to Touba for the annual Grand Magal pilgrimage, many of them from neighbouring Gambia.

But Senegal's land borders are still closed so far fewer pilgrims are expected for the main events.

Inside the complex, mask wearing is mandatory and hand sanitiser is provided at entrances but large crowds still gathered in the streets.

Senegal was one of the first African countries to confirm a case of COVID-19 but has avoided a large death toll with 15,000 confirmed cases and 312 confirmed deaths.