Following the measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19, artists of this circus have decided to go back to work in a different way, like a circus drive-in.

After almost four months of performances halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, clowns, jugglers and artists of the Estoril Circus in Rio de Janeiro found a "vaccine" to go back to the stage.

They created a circus drive-in.

Inspired by cinema drive-ins, the new alternative performance inside the circus tent can ensure social distancing measures are still observed.

The entertainment industry was hit hard when it had to stop its activities during the pandemic and the circus was no exception.

For Anderson de Souza Silva, the circus' Batatinha Clown (in Portuguese meaning Little Potato), having the venue closed for months was like losing a loved one: "today, thank God, we are having the opportunity with the drive-in model to start the performance again."

The pandemic has left only 35 on 78 employees working at the circus.

Some artists have to share responsibilities.

After performing on stage, they sell tickets or help at the 'food court' that delivers popcorn and beverages to the audience's cars.

The tent has capacity for 40 vehicles, and the price of the ticket per car is between €13 to €17.50.

The circus, which started in 1898 in Portugal, has been in Brazil for 30 years and for the first time had cars parked around the stage instead of a crowd of people.

From car windows, children and adults enjoy the show where claps were replaced by car horns and flashing headlights.