Flamenco prayers sung from balconies in Andalusia despite pandemic

Despite Holy Week processions being cancelled across Spain due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ''Saetas'' - the ''flamenco prayers'' - are still sung in Andalusia from balconies and windows.

People from Cordoba showcased religious images outside on their balconies and sang religious songs, to show the Easter celebrations were still happening.

Antonio Ruz, nicknamed "El Peluso", lives in the white-washed village Aguilar de la Frontera.

He is a member of the parish brotherhood, Jesús de la Salud (Jesus of Health), and said that he hopes that everyone would express their prayers by singing.

People who worship the Jesus of Health pray to his image every day, which according to the local tradition, has been responsible for several miracles for those affected by the pandemic.

Today, many people pray they will not be infected with COVID-19.