Parisian entertains neighbours with nightly quiz during confinement

An actor has been keeping his Paris neighbours informed and entertained during the coronavirus lockdown with a nightly quiz from his window.

Noam Cartozo hosts the event after the daily clapping of France's healthcare workers at 20 h CEST.

Two teams face each other. On one side, those who live in the odd numbers, like Cartozo, against residents from the even-numbered homes opposite.

"At 8 pm, we all have an appointment, on our balconies, at our windows, to applaud the nursing staff," explained Cartozo.

"I had put on music in the first days to liven up the neighbourhood a bit and that turned into a musical blind test, then into questions from a balcony, a series of ten questions worth one point, two questions worth two points and we compete as a team."