German baker makes toilet paper cakes in satirical poke at COVID-19 panic-buyers

A baker in Germany is wiping the floor with competitors after the roll out of a popular new product: toilet paper cakes.

Tim Kortuem initially posted them to social media as a satirical poke at the panic-buying of loo roll ahead of coronavirus lockdowns.

Kortuem and his team in Dortmund began by making eight of them a day, later upping production to 80. Now they are up to 800.

"When I posted it on Instagram and Facebook we had so many requests and we started to make 80," he said.

"And they sold so quickly that we started baking them all day long."

Kortuem added "people are prying them out of our hands just like real toilet paper".

He said the coronavirus lockdown meant he was faced with reducing the hours of his staff. But that has all now changed amid the spike in demand, he added.