Myths and legends brought to life in Edinburgh Castle light display

Myths and legends are turning Edinburgh's oldest building into a trove of dazzling lights and colours.

It's all part of a special exhibition at Edinburgh Castle.

The Castle of Light showcase is illustrating the 11th-century building's strategic importance throughout history.

"The whole thing is kind of inspired by the stories of Edinburgh Castle because it is obviously a historic building," said Alastair Young, director of Warpro, a specialist audiovisual company involved in creating the Castle of Light exhibition.

"It has got, I don't know, a thousand years of history. There is a military pass, there is a whole of myth and legend and we have tried to put that together and just weave a few stories into that, which is why you have got a dragon in the rocks, because there is this story of the dragon that sort of flew around Edinburgh and then became part of the rocks of Edinburgh."