Exquisitely made collectors dolls on show in Tbilisi

Art festivals in Georgia displaying handcrafted dolls draw artists from around the world.

Each detail and article of clothing on these dolls is a work of art.

Dolls by the celebrated German doll maker Sylvia Weser, for instance, can cost up to $10,000.

The skeletons of her dolls are covered in leather and the face and arms are made of porcelain. It's hand-painted to get the features right.

Some of the dolls are ornamented with semi-precious stones or crystals.

"I was in love with my dolls and I never thought I would sell them. I made them just for me for my own collection and today I'm worldwide invited in Moscow, in New York, [and] Florida," Weser said.

Art dolls presented at the exhibition vary in style, palette and technique, but this diversity makes the dolls unique.