Jane Fonda arrested again in Washington DC at climate change protest

Jane Fonda is picking up where she left off in civil disobedience nearly a half-century ago. But there's one thing that's changed: that step up into the police van is tougher at age 81.

Marching holding arms with other protesters and chanting slogans such as "what do we want? A Green New Deal! When do we want it? Now!", Fonda promised 'disruptive' climate protests.

US Capitol Police arrested Fonda and fellow actor Sam Waterston on Friday (October 18) in the second week of climate change protests in support of a Green New Deal. Fonda says she's holding the events to draw more people into climate activism.

Fonda tells The Associated Press she was last arrested for protesting in the 1970s. She says watching the climate activism of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg helped inspire her to get back in.

For a second Friday, Fonda stepped into the paddy wagon with hands bound. But this time, Fonda had managed to get her hands cuffed in front of her, for balance.

Fonda will be 82 on December 21.