Activists spray paint Paris building of energy firm Total

Activists from the French anti-capitalist group ATTAC vandalised the Total headquarters building in Courbevoie, Paris's business district, on Saturday (October 12).

They denounced what they deemed 'impunity' of multinationals in practices that harm the environment.

About 40 ATTAC members set up barriers and put up posters at the entrance of the Total building, spraying a wall with black paint that resembled crude oil.

"Out of service", the posters read.

Total has invested in solutions to innovate and develop more sustainable sources of energy, and reduction of carbon emissions takes precedence over the price of oil, the company said on its website.

ATTAC spokesperson Maxim Combes said Total's claims were misleading and that their priorities still lay with fossil fuels.

The group calls on stakeholder states, including France and the EU — who are meeting in Geneva from October 8 to 11 in the WTO Public Forum — to introduce regulations that will punish multinationals for violating human rights and degrading the environment.