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Watch: Iceland 'heatwave' a little more manageable at a comfortable 20°C

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By Sinead Barry  with ISRUV
Watch: Iceland 'heatwave' a little more manageable at a comfortable 20°C
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With temperatures rising above 40°C in some areas of Europe, Iceland is making the most of its own brand of heatwave.

In the eastern town of Eglisstadir, temperatures reached almost 22°C on Tuesday and activities in the sun were in full swing. Although the clouds were present for much of the day, some locals were glad because they say the heat would have been otherwise unbearable.

While this heatwave may seem pretty cool to European countries battling temperatures in the upper 30s at the moment, this kind of heat is rare for chilly Iceland.

According to World Climate and Weather Information, the average maximum temperature of Eglisstadir in June is just 7°C.

Garden hoses at Tjarnarskogur local kindergarten were kept running all day on Tuesday. Children at the nursery school had a fantastic time splashing around under the cold spray.

Local teenagers kept cool by jumping into the river. This method, however, seemed less pleasurable, with one youngster describing his leap as "wet, cold and bad."

Not all of Iceland got a chance to take part in the fun, however, with some areas peaking at just 9°C on Thursday.

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