Triple flips and fearless stunts at the world slackline championships

Competitors from around the world performed fearless tricks and stunts on slacklines in sunny Stuttgart, Germany as part of the World Slackline Masters that took place from June 1-2.

Unlike tightropes, slacklines are not held rigidly taut, making it harder to balance. Participants wowed crowds with their backflips, front flips and triple flips whilst maintaining their balance.

One of the competitions was the "jibline" contest, which differs from the main "tricklining" competition as the slackline is lower and the athletes aren't allowed to use some of the bounce techniques.

Brazilian athlete Pedro Rafael pipped local Stuttgart resident Benni Schmid to first place in the "jibline" contest, impressing judges with his double knee drops.

The main event was the "tricklining" contest, won by 32-year-old Chilean Abraham Hernandez, the first to land a triple flip in the competition.

Thirty contestants from 14 countries, including Japan, France and Brazil, battled it out over the sunny weekend.