Meet the Ghanaian teacher who dances with his students to make learning easier

Ghanaian teacher Sackey Percy, who found fame on social media after posting a video of him dancing with his students, says he makes learning fun so students can retain difficult subjects and gain confidence.

Known as 'Percy Jackson' on social media, Percy is also a singer, songwriter and dancer. He says he was shocked by how many people viewed his video.

"At the beginning, you know people were calling me, new numbers, those who I haven't even met before.

"They call me here and there, Instagram you know a lot of comments because that was my video that clocked I think let's say I think 10,000 views within 10 days, so I was kind of shocked and even I'm having over 600 comments, which was very shocking because that was my first time to clock that kind of views. I was having let's say 23 subscribers but now I am having about 4,000."

Percy is based in a farming community and found that family members would often take children out of class to go and work in the fields. He also found that students lacked self-confidence and interacted very little with teachers. So to make school more appealing to students, Percy decided to try an unconventional method.

"So I realised that in my class too the confidence level of expression was very low, and I found that the interaction between the kids and the teachers, which is the teacher-pupil relationship, was very low. So I decided to come out with a dance which will build up this great companionship between the teachers and the kids, and also to build up their self-confidence in class as well, and to make school attractive to these kids so that they won't miss school," he said.

Percy says other schools, and even parents in his neighbourhood, are using his videos to teach children.

"I taught this case in my class and now it is imparted into different schools, they are enjoying right behind my friend's house and I was happy, I was happy that all this thing is going on. So I've decided to come out with a dance or any means of creativity which will help kids to capture this kind of topics which they find it very difficult in class and I will be posting it on social media so that kids in the house, those who are not closer to me will be able to learn it."