'Give all dogs guns': the UK petitions that didn't make it before MPs

'Give all dogs guns': the UK petitions that didn't make it before MPs
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By Emma Beswick
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We can see why some of these petitions didn't make it to the House of Commons.


A UK petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU amassed millions of signatures and was debated in Parliament on Monday, as it passed the threshold of 100,000 signatures needed for it to reach Parliament.

The petition is the best-supported proposal in the history of the House of Commons and government's e-petitions website. But the government has said it will not revoke Article 50 and it is working to deliver a deal that "ensures the UK leaves the EU".

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Hard Remain

Now a new petition, calling for a "Hard Remain", which is calling on the UK to become part of the Schengen area, adopt the euro, and EU driving standards, has passed the 10,000 signature mark, meaning the government will respond to it.

Not all petitions are debated in the House of Commons, in fact, only a very small percentage make it that far.

Here we celebrate the best of the more than 10,000 petitions that have been rejected by UK authorities:

1. Make Michael Gove sit the 2019 GCSE exams

This is a reference to the divisive government minister Michael Gove, who upset some teachers when he had the education brief.

"These new GCSE exams are so hard that last year some papers only required 17% to pass. We’d like to see if Michael Gove can answer the GCSE questions that 15/16-year-olds are being expected to answer. With the amount of content we are expected to learn for, it seems frankly impossible to do well," read the rejected petition.

2. Give all dogs guns

"Mount guns on dogs for national safety," read the petition.

3. Enact a law that requires that foxes should be called doxes

"The name fox is not suitable for that animal as it doesn’t properly reflect the fact that a fox has a genetic relationship with a dog. This, amongst other things, could bring an end to the fox hunting debate, because dogs wouldn’t chase foxes if they knew that they had dog ancestry," read the rejected petition.

4. Create a 100ft-tall working robot of Margaret Thatcher

"The robo-thatcher can protect our borders and spread the world of Britain with her gigantic and terrifying conservative roar. Also, she should be able to fly," read the petition, according to Twitter user TechnicallyRon.

5. Let's make Pawternity Leave a thing

"For some, owning a dog is as special and life-changing as having child. They truly are mans best friend and provide humans with huge health benefits. I have the same maternal instincts as every other young woman. Yet, because I would rather a dog than a child, this is seen as a lesser life event," read the rejected petition.

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